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  • KM 24620 Lighting stand with cross bar
      Lightweight aluminium lighting stand with cross bar. Stable folding 3-leg construction. Height and feet adjust by an easy-to-use clamping lever. Additional safety pin ensures secure support. Cross bar with boreholes for up to 8 spotlights. Optional corresponding screw fitting set 24621 ava..
    Ex Tax: $405.45 $446.00
  • KM 24625 Lighting Stand
      Easy to transport, lightweight aluminium lighting stand, extension rod with adapter to take a TV pin (inner extension tube diameter 28 mm). Stable tripod construction. Height adjustable with handy clamping levers and additional safety pin...
    Ex Tax: $318.18 $350.00
  • KM 24630 Lighting Stand
      The standard lighting stand constructed from steel tubing has been significantly improved. The new legs with tubing diameter of 35 mm guarantee stability and safety. Lasered bore holes and durable, robust plastic saddle washers improve the coefficient of friction between the legs and brace..
    Ex Tax: $304.55 $335.00
  • KM 24645 Lighting Stand
      Light and stable aluminum lighting stand. The 3-piece extension reaches a height of 3,097 mm. The transport dimension of the collapsed lighting stand is only 1,170 mm. Compared to other lighting stands the transport size is very economical. The integrated M10 socket provides for the instal..
    Ex Tax: $399.09 $439.00

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